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Missing Pieces gets a great new trailer – featuring quotes from Mrt’sblog

You may remember a while back I reviewed a low budget film from America called Missing Pieces. It didn’t have a release date or much publicity behind it. It arrived from nowhere, out of the blue, with a business card from the director and a general sense of low expectations. I’ve reviewed “passion projects” before and the perils of a shoestring budget are many, no matter how good the intentions. I’ve watched films by young people and students before; they normally turn out to be naff zombie “stories”.

Missing Pieces is not a zombie film and it’s not a horror, despite comparisons to the Saw franchise. In fact it’s genuinely difficult to categorise. The overwhelming feeling I was left with after seeing it, both initially and on repeated viewings, is that I’d just watched something new. Something fresh and original. I called it a “hidden gem” and generally resorted to stock phrases of praise because I was completely surprised by it.

Here’s my original review on Flickering Myth: http://flickeringmyth.blogspot.com/2011/06/movie-review-missing-pieces-2011.html

Yes I was shocked by the high standard of emotional storytellling and quality filmmaking on show. But more than anything else I was stunned that this was made for $80, 000 dollars and that there was a big chance very few people would see it. As much as we like to think we get what we deserve in life, whether it be punishment or reward, we know the cold reality is injustice most of the time. It would be a crime if this film was wasted on the likes of me.

As I said in a recent blogpost, there are things I am proud of acheiving as a 19 year old. But Kenton Bartlett, director and writer of Missing Pieces, was making a film at my age, not writing amateurishly about them. And the final product is not just professional but a work of art.

The new trailer for Missing Pieces is more mysterious than previous efforts. It also features a whole 3 quotes from my review! It’s absolutely thrilling to see my name, and that of Flickering Myth, quoted to endorse such a brilliant, intelligent and touching film.

Attached to the end of the teaser trailer is an interview with director Kenton. He speaks passionately and frankly about making a movie. And he urges you to share the trailer with your friends, talking upliftingly about people power making dreams come true against the odds.

I have become a fan of Kenton and Missing Pieces. But I reviewed it completely blind. I was impartial and I was won over to an inspiring cause of independent filmmaking. Now I’m asking you, if you read my blog or have stumbled across it, to watch a great trailer and get others to watch it too.

There is also a stylish poster in the offing for Missing Pieces. Check that out here: http://samraw08.deviantart.com/#/d44zcyx