When I write about politics I usually have something to say. I feel as though much of my most articulate and persuasive writing is listed here because, as I say, most of the time I have a strong point to make, often passionately.

You can also find most of these pieces over at Demo Critic, along with other far more intelligent musings from others. But if you want some of the best of my mediocre crop, take a look below. The most recent articles are at the top:

With Bin Laden dead and a Presidential election imminent, is it time to drop costly and invasive airport security?

Reform or no reform, decision or indecision, government choices about the NHS have real consequences for patients like me

Robotic Miliband risks fatal hypocrisy over his strong stance on phone hacking

Miliband can defeat his critics and Cameron’s leadership by reinventing the nature of opposition

The impact of “impossible question” is impossible to calculate

After AV and election humiliation: what next for Clegg and the Lib Dems?

Bin Laden may be gone but extremism remains a threat to the Arab Spring’s happy ending if we stop paying attention

The NHS “reforms” break an implicit election promise – and do not go nearly far enough

Egypt: Mubarak’s extraordinary fall opens a new chapter in history and diplomacy

Ed Miliband can learn from Obama the salesman

Two Eds really are better than one

Politicians have Snow Balls

Belated thoughts on tuition fees: the ball is in Labour’s court

Peaceful Protest or Manic March?

A note on Obama’s rise and fall

The limitations of the SDR and CSR highlight the need for AV

Ed’s safe shadow cabinet of unity must not lose the fire of opposition

Ed’s acceptance speech: He must not falter as Cameron eyes comfy legacy

Canny Clegg is no closet Tory

Cameron’s crafted call to arms lacked clarity and substance

New Balls please…Does Ed’s reinvention answer Labour’s call for a genuine alternative to the Milibands?

Blair left legacy too late

Is there a grand Miliband plan?

Public vs. Private? A Lib Dem Dilemma

Cavalier Cameron taking wrong foreign policy gambles

Labour Leadership: A Two Ed Race?

New Politics?

Tell it like it is – The party that trusts and respects voters will make the biggest gains at this election

Need for Lib Dem Realism

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