About Mrt’sblog and Me

Mrtsblog started over two years ago now (in Feb 2010) with no clear ideas about content and a warning that these pages might contain thoughts, ramblings and articles on anything from horticulture to cricket.

I write for the acclaimed film website Flickering Myth, recently rated as one of the country’s best in a number of lists and polls. In February 2012 I was incredibly proud and excited to become a Co-Editor.

I am also a Co-Editor of the University of Exeter’s student run newspaper website, Exeposé. I used to write occasionally for national centre of football debate Caught Offside and political forum Demo Critic. Links for these great sites can all be found in my BlogRoll.

And I’m a History student.

This blog is an archive of my work for real websites and proper publications. It will hopefully show how I’ve improved over time (so yes, there may be terrible pieces here). Other pieces about whatever takes my fancy in world affairs, TV, books, sport, my life, art, the media etc will also appear here.

I also write my own short stories, plays and sketches. A sketch of mine entitled “Lessons in SalesMANship” was (successfully) performed by York based production company Mary’s Sofa at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2011.

Feedback is welcome and if you like what you see follow me on Twitter @Mrtsblog

I’m a fan of Doctor Who and James Bond amongst others. I’d love to hear from fellow fans, other writers or anyone with something to say.

An explanation of the name and the blog’s history can be found here: A thing with some stuff about why Mrtsblog is called Mrtsblog.

I also wrote a thing in July 2011 about the progress of Mrtsblog and its future. Clicky here.

Thanks for stopping by


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